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Malcolm Beach Adventure

Make no mistake, Malcolm Beach is an oasis of calm and relaxation, but getting there and back can be quite an adventure. You'll need a 4WD vehicle, a map, and some nerve, especially if the weather has been bad.

My partner and I headed out of town to find what we had been told was the best beach on the island. The map was easy enough to follow, but when we drove up to the dirt road entrance, we were sure we had made a wrong turn. Surely this boulder-strewn, extreme-driving course was not a path to tranquility. We drove past thinking that the right road was a little farther on. We returned to the proper route shortly and quickly determined that this must be the place. The map was right. The beach was ahead somewhere. We determined to push forward.

The 45-minute drive was downright hysterical at times as we jostled about left and right, avoiding rocks and ruts as best we could. At times, the only reason I knew we would ever reach the beach was that there were a few jeeps coming back from there. If they could get there, surely the road was passable, no matter how challenging it looked.

The prize at the end of this obstacle course is a sweet stretch of soft, light sand and sparkling turquoise waters. Few folks feel the need to have this much adventure when Grace Bay is so close to their hotels, so Malcolm Beach is often nearly deserted. It is so private, even the shyest folks can go topless or skinny dip in the warm ocean without so much as a second thought.

There was a small surf the afternoon we spent at the beach, though it was too small for anything in the way of sporting activity. In fact, Malcolm beach seemed like a retreat from all activity, and probably not the best place to go if you want to play beach volleyball, for example. No, this place is all about serenity.

There are some tiki hut-style "ruins" at the end of the beach. These are the wooden framed huts left over from a French reality show of some years ago, or so we were told. These planks and beams are being reclaimed by the beach and the green vegetation nearby and make for some lovely photographs.

A few things to consider when heading out to this wonderful place: no bathrooms, no services, and no lifeguards. It's as natural as a beach can be, so be prepared. Bring lots of water, a picnic, and some trash bags. Sunscreen is a must, as the rays are intense here. And it wouldn't hurt to bring a little first-aid kit, especially if you're bringing youngsters. Remember, the bump-n-drive to the beach is the same on the trip back, so plan to leave some daylight for the road.

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