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Best From Afar

Everything you have heard and read about Jekyll Island Club Hotel is true. The grounds are beautiful, and from a distance, the hotel and its structures are impressive. However, any tourist considering staying on Jekyll Island would be better off staying at one of the many hotels along Atlantic beach side of the island and taking a tour of the Historic District instead. My family and I were recent guests of the Club Hotel, and I have never spent a more nightmarish weekend in my life.

My family (total party of five) arrived on a Friday for a long weekend. Instantly, we could tell that the hotel was best admired from afar – as it seemed it was only the 100-plus years of paint holding it all together. I love old, restored buildings, but this hotel was not restored just old. Our room for the weekend was a suite in the main hotel structure, which was a massively large room with two double beds and a queen-size sleeper sofa. The bathroom was equally massive in size. However, as large as the room was the single closet was almost nonexistent and the quality of the fixtures, appliances, carpet, etc., was very old and worn. However, the room condition was not a concern; it was the lack of air-conditioning for the entire weekend.

Although the A/C was working, it was painfully obvious that it was not sized to cool that size of room on a hot Georgia weekend. Moreover, all the public areas of the hotel were kept at the same hot temperature. Only after repeated complaining and insisting on some sort of compensation we were offered two tiny separate rooms with only a single double bed in each (and a view of the broken A/C units), which would have forced us to split up our family and still be a sleep space short. We stayed the room until Sunday for our children’s sake; however, I would never waste my money on Jekyll Island again.

On a positive note: The Grand Dining Room staff and service were outstanding, as was the food. Although overpriced, I would highly recommend dining there if ever trapped on the island.

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