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Cleveland Browns Photo, Cleveland, Ohio

Clevelanders are fanatical about their sports teams. They can consume the whole city. Cleveland has a major sport for every season, so no matter what time of year you go, catching a game is always something fun to do. Below are a list of the major sports in the city and some advice on the best way to enjoy them.

Browns: We'll start with football just because it is my favorite sport and probably most Clevelander's favorite sport, with baseball being a very close second. The Browns themselves have been around since the beginning of the NFL so there is a long history for this team, with its darkest days occurring in the mid-90s, when then owner, Art Model, moved them team to Baltimore. Today, however, the team is back. With a brand-new stadium that sits right on the shores of Lake Erie, the team and the city are ready to go. If you are lucky enough to score some tickets to a game, make sure you know where in the stadium you are sitting. Anyone who knows football knows about the Cleveland Dawg Pound, and I have heard stories of unsuspecting people getting seats in the Dawg Pound and not being ready for it. Needless to say, it can get a little crazy. The other advice is that with the stadium on the lake, the winds off the water can pick up quickly and really cool the place down no matter what time of the year it is, so dress warmly.

Indians: In the summer, baseball is a way of life in Cleveland. When you think of the Cleveland Indians, forget about the Major League movies. They have been a World Series contender almost every year for the last 10 years, and the city is in love with them. The greatness began in 1994, when Jacob's Field opened. It is a beautiful stadium that Clevelanders had not experienced before. It began an unbelievable 455-game sellout streak that is currently the longest major league home sellout record in any professional sport. The streak ended in 2001, and today you will be able to walk up to the ticket window on game day and get some tickets. The stadium is located on the south side of the downtown area and surrounded by a lot of bars and restaurants. If you have a free afternoon in the summer and love baseball, stop by and join the crowd.

Cavs: Basketball is definitely a third-tier sport here in Cleveland, but with the addition of the Gund Arena and superstar Lebron James, this team could quickly become as important as Jordan and the Bulls were to Chicago. The Gund is located a block from Jacob's Field, and is a great venue for basketball and other events that occur here. If you are planning on driving to either the Gund or the Jake, be prepared to pay for parking. Close spots can be as much as $30.

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