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Small beach, big family fun

Seal Beach and pier Photo, Seal Beach, California

A person doesn't need to be athletic nor have the body of a surfer to fit in at Seal Beach. The small waves, large playground, and cozy setting attract families with young children. On the other end of the age spectrum, many Seal Beach visitors come from the nearby Leisure World retirement community. This is one beach where a senior citizen can enjoy the ocean without feeling like the only older visitor. There's an old-fashioned wooden pier for strolling--or fishing. The pier stays open 24 hours a day, making it a favorite for early bird fishermen. Plus, it's a safe beach--there's an oceanside police station here. For shoppers, there's an old-fashioned "main street" type shopping area across from the beach. Flashy? No. But it seems down-home and comfy in feel. And, the shops are less expensive than in trendier areas. Seal Beach is located near the Pacific Coast Highway in northern Orange County, tucked in between Huntington Beach and Long Beach.

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