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Week 10 - Bloody Clowns (USA)

It has been a week of much work and little play, so I think this will be the shortest entry I have written so far!

The highlight of the week was obviously my girlfriend's birthday. I cannot believe at the age of 24 I had never bought either a Birthday or Xmas present for a girl before, but I think my girlfriend was more than happy with the presents I bought for her, and the meal I took her out to. Out of the presents I bought her, including a pair of ruby and white gold earrings, I think the one she liked the most was the packet of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes I managed to get smuggled into the country! If I had known she would be this easily pleased I could have saved myself a small fortune! I even made her a birthday cake from scratch , although I was more than willing to do this knowing that I could eat the cake mix as I was making it. Even though I might be a little tight with my money from time to time, spending money on my girlfriend was actually a very enjoyable experience!!!

After that we were both ill for the majority of the week so couldn't really do much else. We did manage to go out with my girlfriend's mother and a couple of her friends for a meal on the Monday. We went to the nicest Chinese restaurant I have ever been to, and the food was pure quality. There was so much that i was able to take the leftovers home for another meal the next day, and when my girlfriend's mum offered me her leftovers, I was in heaven!!! That's one thing I do rate about eating out here, it's the norm for you to take home your leftovers! The evening went very well, apart from the one incident where I decided to crack a joke about circus freaks only to find one of my girlfriends mothers friends who had come to the meal actually had a brother working in the circus as a clown. Luckily I don't think they took any real offense to my joke, but I'd like to see what odds Ladbrokes would offer on such an event happening. Bloody clowns.

I think the only other bit of news I have is that I accidentally booked a trip to Norway just after New Year. Well, when I say accidentally, I noticed that Ryanair was doing return flights for £10 return, so I couldn't really turn down such an offer. I have chosen to fly to a place called Haugesund on the west coast of Norway, which I know absolutely nothing about and from looking at webcam photos of the place it's about 2 feet under snow at the moment! What a great choice I've made there.

Well that's all for this week, we have a snow storm on the way so I'm going to go and run before it arrives. I'll leave you with an interesting point before I go, why is it that Stella is banned in Kentucky (obviously it must be for the violent side effects it causes) but driving a motorcycle without a helmet is perfectly legal! Very strange!!

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