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Week 06 - Intruders in the Night (USA)

Well, it has been a very quiet week! The biggest event was being a whisker away from a passing tornado. Actually I lie, I was 200 miles away from it, but it's probably the closest I will ever get to being in ones path! My girlfriend knew a few people in the town where it hit, but luckily they were all okay.

As I said, it has been a pretty non eventful week, the most action that I have encountered has been in the bedroom, and my poor girlfriend has been on the receiving end of this, and by this I'm not trying to be dirty and sexual in any way!! Unfortunately my mind has been a little on the overactive side, giving me a few very realistic nightmares. One night last week I dreamt I was being attacked by snakes and as I lashed out at them to save my life, I awoke to realise I had just punched my girlfriend rather hard in the eye and cheek! As you can imagine, it didn't go down too well at all. I made things worse the following night when I accidentally head-butted her in my sleep!

If this wasn't bad enough, two days ago, I awoke in the night to find an intruder in our room. I let out a blood curdling scream (I'm embarrassed to say this isn't an over use of the word either) waking Candace and probably the rest of the street. In fact the intruder was not an intruder, it was just two towels hung over the bedroom door that looked absolutely nothing like an intruder at all. I felt like a right idiot!!

That the weekend I had the pleasure of going to see the production that my girlfriend had been working on at the local theatre… it wasn't bad at all… a play called The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Candace's parent also came to see it and this meant that as the play was in the afternoon, we were taken out to dinner twice—very pleasing indeed. We also went down to the local baseball field to play some softball, which I have to admit I was shocking at. I have a feeling though that if I held the bat like I was playing softball and not as though I was playing cricket then I might have hit something!! Apart from this I decided to try out some of the local downtown watering holes, but as this involved a 2 hour 30 minutes walking round trip and as I was the only person in the bar, I quickly knocked this kind of socialising on the head! Drinking is just not the same over here!!

Over the past week I have come to learn of the American dislike for Katie Couric, a presenter on a US breakfast show called Today, the equivalent of GMTV. Half-way through an important interview with the US Female Ice Hockey team summing up their chances of Gold at the forthcoming Winter Olympics, she interrupted and said, 'you have beautiful blue eyes, did you know that?' And yes, she is blond!!

I have also become addicted to a show called Maury, which revolves around a woman getting past lovers to take a DNA test in order to find the father of her baby… the last show I saw was called 'you are the 9th man I'm testing… are you the babies daddy?' And this woman was married as well—what a slapper!!

Apart from this, I think the best news I have had all week is that my girlfriend is getting a return flight to Poland for her X-mas present so she will be able to come and see me while I'm teaching over there in March! I am one happy male! I was thinking of going over to South Korea to do a short term teaching contract at the start of January, but as I'd rather see my girlfriend and also not miss out on New Year shenanigans, then Poland it is! I'm also making progress on my South America placement next year, and have already come across a couple of very promising opportunities, so hopefully I will be applied for them in the next few weeks!

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