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Week 04 - A Day at the Races (USA)

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With the first draft of my thesis needing to be handed in this Friday, it has meant a pretty boring week of working hard and little play. This hasn't stopped me doing a few things of interest though, most notably a day at the races. I thought it would be rude not to participate in such an activity, seeing that I am living in 'the Horse Capital of the World'!! Unfortunately I didn't have the same luck as I encountered at the Grand National earlier in the year, ending up $7 down on my original stake, but when you consider it only cost $3 to get into the race course, then you really cant complain for a full days entertainment (yep, I was stingy enough not to buy any food or drink to cover the money I lost betting! How sad!!). One thing that did strike me while at the races was the quantity of lesbian couples that were attending, all of which seemed to have come dressed as a cowboy. Maybe I'm missing something here, or is horse riding hugely popular amongst lesbians??!!

Today I also had the pleasure of having Candace's uncle as my own personal chauffeur for the day, so I decided it was a perfect opportunity to take in the other thing Kentucky is famous for, Bourbon Whiskey, and take a drive to the Lambrot and Graham Distillery, which produces officially the best Bourbon in the world called Woodford Reserve. We were all given a glass of this at the end of the tour, and although I should have felt honoured to be sipping such a luxurious liquor, all it did was take me back to my days as a 16-year-old where I thought downing doubles of Jack Daniels made me look old, mature and sophisticated. In fact all it ever did was get me an early night, with my head stuck over the toilet and the embarrassment of constant piss-taking the following day!!!

That's more or less the extent of excitement that I have encountered this week, other than a trip to a local Nature Reserve to see one or two startled deer and the ridiculous array of coloured leaves of the surrounding trees (don't worry I'm not going to start talking about beautiful landscapes!), the carving of my first ever pumpkin, which looked like it had some sort of disability once finished, and a trip to the cinema to see North Country (very moving but I promise I didn't cry!!).

As I have spent much of this week spending the days constantly writing page after page of my thesis, it has meant frequent trips across the eight lane highway (risking my life!) to the nearest shop to stock up on peanut m&m's and iced sweet tea. During these trips, I have been lucky enough to be confronted by the American version of the boy racer. Similar to the English version of boy racers they seem to spend most of their free time pulled up in a car park trying to look both cool and menacing to the passing public, but credit where credits due, they are definitely a meaner and more brutal looking breed than their English counterparts. The only problem being is that they also seem to lack all traces of intelligence, parking always directly next to the speaker which plays music into the shops car park. As this music seems to be Celine Dion's smash hit album Colour of my Love (surely I  should feel both guilt and embarrassment knowing which Celine Dion album it is????) playing on repeat, all the menace of these boy racers is lost in an instant, and even if one of them pulled a gun on me, I still don't think I could take them seriously!!!!

Well that's all for now. Hopefully the weather will be a bit less erratic this week—going from nearly 30°C and pure sunshine on Thursday, to just above freezing and the odd snow flurry on the Monday. Crazy stuff!!!

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