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Week 03 - Partaking in American Traditions (USA)

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Another week and a few more tales to tell!


As seems to have been the norm over the past few weeks, the weekend saw yet another run, this time the Louisville Half Marathon. I wasn't even bothering trying to get a good time for this, just completing it was more than enough, which I managed to do in 1 hour 58 minutes, so finally the '2 marathons and 2 half marathons in 6 weeks' episode is over with. There is another marathon down my road in 2 weeks time, but I think I will be giving that one a miss (although the attention received for being English in this one could still see my mind being changed)!!!


Running in Louisville meant spending a weekend at the in-laws, which isn't quite as bad as it sounds, and it also allowed the partaking in the American tradition of Pumpkin picking! The ride there was interesting enough as leaving Lexington we drove through the centre of town, passing a semi-naked girl prancing around in a water fountain, having her picture taken, probably for some top shelf magazine! Although the idea of going pumpkin picking doesn't sound that appealing, there must be something about it, as when we arrived at the farm there were thousands of people that had already beaten us to it, trying to pick out the best pumpkins left. It wouldn't have surprised me if there had been blood spilt while we were there in the name of pumpkin picking!!! It was a success though and we went away happy with our pickings, eating the best caramel apples I have ever tasted! Another of America's favourite past times was also enjoyed this week, Bowling! It lived up to all I was expecting—lanes full of excited people, all cheering a little too much at every strike made. I swear I even saw Roy Munson throwing down a few practice balls several lanes down!


I also had the pleasure of meeting the majority of Candace's extended family, as her parents threw a party in my honour on the Sunday after my half marathon. It was weird having everyone come to see me, just for running a half marathon. I felt a bit guilty when one of her uncles handed me a $50 bottle of bourbon whiskey welcoming me to Kentucky and their family—it didn't stop me accepting it though!! As seems to be normal at such gatherings, I faced another barrage of questions about my homeland (which I'm beginning to enjoy!!), the pick this time was, "if a roast beef dinner is beef, what's a chicken roast?" You just can't write something like that!!!! The one good thing it seems about such parties, is that as I am the guest, I always get given the leftovers, and being the stingiest guy in the world, this is like a dream come true, especially as it means not having to buy any more food for at least the next month! I must say that although southern USA have a tradition for their warm hospitality, I never actually thought it would have been as warm as I have received from Candace's family (and everyone else I have met—it's very refreshing). One of Candace's uncles has even offered me his services as a chauffeur for the day in case I ever want to explore while Candace is at university! I have already taken him up on the offer and booked a day of his services for next week to go and see some of the Bourbon distilleries in the local vicinity!


The coverage of news has interested me this week. I was watching a programme called Inside Edition ('America's longest running, top rated and most honoured news magazine series'), which I was led to believe was going to offer in depth coverage of current news stories. As I was expecting updates of the recent natural disasters in Kashmir and Guatemala, I was a little surprised when the first news story was a panel of analysts describing how Hurricane Katrina was a sure sign that the second coming of God, and therefore 'Judgement Day' was just around the corner. By the time the third story came on telling the emotional and tear wrenching story of two homosexual penguins called Roy and Silo at Central Park Zoo raising their first adopted baby penguin together, I decided it wasn't really the news I was looking for. With shows like this on, can you really blame people for not knowing what is going on in other parts of the world? I can't really talk though, reading The Sun everyday!!!


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