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Week 14 - A Norwegian Wilderness (NORWAY)

Haugesund Town Centre Photo, Norway, Europe

Before flying out to Norway for a few days I had the news that I had finally become an Uncle, although I have no idea when I will actually get the chance to see my niece as I ill only be in the country for another 2 weeks in the next 18 months. I am sure though that I will make the time!

So this week, thanks to the £10 return flights that RyanAir were offering, I decided to take myself on a trip with one of my friends to a place called Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. I was a little perplexed to why these flights were being offered for £10 return and after arriving I kind of realized why - they was almost nothing to do at all!!

The trip didn’t get off to the best of starts as I decided to walk from the airport to the hotel, which I had been told was only 3km, but I did not take into account how fast the sun sets in Norway and after managing to see for the first 2km, the last 1km walk was in pitch blackness with no street lights or path to walk on. Luckily the road was almost deserted by traffic which made it a little safer.

We went into Haugesund the first night and within 30 minutes we had seen more or less all there was to see, and had not been to impressed with the £20 taxi rise for a distance of not much more than 5 miles! That’s Norway for you. We were to find out that more or less everything in Norway is ridiculously expensive! The following day we found out that there were really only two things to do in and around Haugesund, and with the weather being horrendous I didn’t really fancy doing either.

There is a place near to Haugesund called Avaldnes, which is apparently the birth place of Norway and also home to the most powerful Vikings of yesteryear. Unfortunately everything in the museum was in Norwegian so it wasn't that appealing. Afterwards we embarked on a trip to a town called Skudneshavn, voted "Best Norwegian Summer Town 2004." I’m sure it would be very picturesque in the summer but in winter it left a lot to be desired. We only stayed for about half an hour before heading back into Haugesund where as well as almost getting into a fight we watched the tedious draw between Manchester United and Arsenal!

So although I am happy to have added another country to my list, I think in future if I see flights advertised for £10 then I know the reason why!!

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