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Week 15 & 16 - From the Depths of a Siberian Winter (POLAND)

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I left England for the unknown of Poland, so I thought I would update is needed!

I didn’t have the best of starts before I even flew out, as my train was cancelled from London meaning I had to catch a bus, where I was befriended by a Spencer Moon look-alike who just wouldn’t stop talking to me. I managed to give him the slip at the airport, only to be befriended by a French woman/ man (I'm still not a 100% sure which), with the worst breath I have smelt in a good 10 years. The combination of the breath and being found by the Spencer Moon look-alike kept me from sleeping at all through the night meaning I arrived in Poland, with little sleep and in an awful mood.

My first thoughts on arriving were, "what on earth have I come here for?" I don’t have any friends, know any Polish, and I hate the thought of teaching, not to mention the ridiculous cold weather. As I am writing this email its -20ºC outside. It was -20ºC yesterday and I decided to go for a run, but like a true Brit I thought I would run in shorts. Probably one of the worst decisions I have ever made, as I have never been in so much pain, especially in my nether regions! I think if I had stayed out any longer I would have ended up with frostbite, and that wouldn’t have been sexy at all!!!

Two weeks on though from landing in Poland and I am much more settled into life here. The family I am living with is probably the nicest people I have ever met and that has definitely helped me settle in. They have a newly born baby and a son aged 2, which is a different sort of living situation I have ever been in before. I know a little bit of Polish as well, which helps me get by on a daily basis. I am teaching 20 hours a week, with planning the lessons taking roughly the same amount of time, so for the first time in 4 months I am in full time employment again! I’m teaching people from 6 to 60 years, which is quite demanding!

I have made a few friends, but as most of them are my students, I’m not sure whether that’s a good idea or not, but at present I’m not complaining! I don’t have much time to explore at the moment but in 2 weeks its school holidays so I am going on a few day trips with my students. I have a few people who I go running with as well and I had the luxury to eat round their house on Saturday. Polish hospitality is second to none! I had a shower there as well but as I forgot my hair wax I picked up and started to use what I thought was hair wax from their bathroom. Unfortunately it wasn't hair wax, but bust contouring cream... from now on, I will definitely be reading the label first!

I have a fancy dress party to go to on Saturday night, and my costume will cause nothing but embarrassment and laughter. I'm not even sure what it should be, other than to make me a laughing stock!!! I'm sure there will be photos to be shared!

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