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Week 13 - A Christmas Tradition (ENGLAND)

After arriving back in England on Christmas Eve, my first thoughts were that I didn't want to be back home at all. It's not nice to celebrate Christmas without the person closest to you, but at least I was able to celebrate Christmas twice out of it!

I was met at the airport by my parents, and it felt very strange as if it was only the other day when I was leaving for America. I cannot believe three months have flown by already! As per usual Christmas Eve is the only night of the year that I look forward to when going out in Hinckley, as its the only time I get to see the majority of my friends that still live there.

A Christmas tradition, the same as every year, it was meet at 8 in The Union, but this year I had no enthusiasm at all seeing that I wasn't going to be seeing my girlfriend for another 4 months. It was nice to see most people again, but there are a few that it wouldn't bother me if I never saw again. The type of people that still think you are the same person you were at school 10 years ago, and that you haven't changed in the slightest since. At school I was very shy, but after experiences in the past 6 years I am a changed person!!

One person that I was happy to have seen was a guy called Paul Hines. While at school we were very good friends, but since the age of 18 we have drifted apart slightly, living in different countries and different cities. This should never be an issue as good friendships don’t come around often!! In the year or so since we last spoke he has become Stock Car European Champion and also appeared on the Weakest Link, but I think I know which the biggest achievement was!

Christmas was nice, and it was good to see my brother again as the birth of his new child was imminent. It should have been born 10 days ago, so I was hoping that it would have definitely been born by the time I came back home, but unfortunately this wasn't the case. Hopefully I will get to see it, when I come back to England in April.

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