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Club Med Cancun

This February (2005), my husband and I wasted our hard-earned money to vacation at Club Med Cancun! I am an avid traveler, having traveled around the world, and I have never encountered such a dumpy place as I did at Club Med Cancun! The hostels and campgrounds I have stayed in have been better than Club Med Cancun!

Atmosphere: During our stay at Club Med Cancun, I felt like I was staying in France, not Mexico. There was nothing there, except the bad burrito meals, to support the Mexican culture! Everyone working at Club Med spoke French, played French music, and addressed people in French. When I travel to a country, I want to experience the culture of that country!

Rooms: They were awful. First of all, this was our honeymoon, and we specifically booked a room with a queen- or king-sized bed. When we arrived, our host that brought us to our room said, "Don’t be mad about the beds." Beds? Yes, there were two twin beds! He told us to push them together to make one bed. Of course, there was a 3-inch crack between them! The smell of the room was hideous! It was moldy, musty, and damp. I felt as if I was sleeping in the old basement! There was mold growing on the walls, the ceilings, and the bathroom! There was also exposed wire hanging from the ceiling, with a light dangling from them.

The Staff: They were unfriendly and snobby, and did not try to go out of their way to help us with our room situation. All the staff cared about was their next drink and party. The mentality was one of, "If you’re not happy with your stay, just have another drink". We never ended up moving out of the disgusting room and had to stay for our entire honeymoon in that dump!

The Food: AWFUL! They had only one restaurant, and then the main dining hall. I have had better food at the dining hall in college, and that is not saying much! The restaurant (La Palapa) was basically a place where they took the leftovers from the disgusting dining hall buffet, reheated it, and actually served it to you. The only difference in the restaurant and the buffet was the fact that you are served at La Palapa.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! This place is a dump! We have since contacted Club Med about our problems, and they have tried to buy us off by sending us a $480 credit for our next visit to Club Med. This is ridiculous! We do not want to go to Club Med again!

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