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Shopping Downtown Bayfield

If walking isn’t exactly your cup of tea, the shopping district in Bayfield is for you. It is much smaller than many towns of comparable size, but packs in a lot of punch. In a 4- or 5-square-block area, you can find everything from hardware to traditional Scandinavian goods to lots and lots of monkeys!

Monkey Business – 19 Front St.: You’ll go bananas! Sorry for the cheap cliché, but it’s true. This is where to go to find stuffed monkeys of all varieties and shapes, monkey T-shirts, monkey boxer shorts, and monkey coffee mugs, alongside other monkey collectibles. You can also shop online at the Monkey Business website.

Keeper of the Light – 19 Front St.: This shop is a ship and lighthouse fanatic's dream. Located right next to the pier, Keeper showcases miniature lighthouses, art prints, books, and ship memorabilia. Visit Keeper of the Light online.

Bayfield Bath Company – 104 Rittenhouse Ave.: It smells like heaven inside this shop! Bayfield Bath Company has exactly what you'd expect: soap, lotion, candles, potpourri, and other scented delights. The Bath Company can be found online.

Joann’s Scandinavian – 223 Rittenhouse Ave.: Ja, if you've always wanted a traditional Scandinavian sweater, here is where to head in Bayfield. Wood carvings, books, and other items can also be found at Joann's. Many items are imported directly from Scandinavian countries.

The Yulery – 104 Rittenhouse Ave.: Even out of season, Bayfield has a Christmas store. The Yulery isn't cheesy, though, and you can find plenty of handmade ornaments and other Christmas delights.

These are just a few of the many small shops located in downtown Bayfield. Of course, if you head a few miles, you will also find other treasures, like Bayfield Winery and a few apple orchards that are not to be missed. This town offers a pleasant shopping experience not to be missed!

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