St. Kitts and Nevis Stories and Tips

General Info

The island’s main industry was tourism and sugar export, but 2005 will be the last sugar cane crop. You see many lush fields of sugar cane, but we were not able to locate any vendors that sold the cane for a sweet treat. The dominant volcano is the center of the island and is surrounded by tropical forests.

The official currency is EC (Eastern Caribbean Dollar), $1= 2.65 EC. US dollars are accepted widely throughout the island. The prices are higher than what they are in the States, especially on those items that are imported from the US. The prices on the resorts are even higher.

If you are looking for the slow-paced life, this is the island for you. The entire island moves at a relaxed pace, and no one is in a hurry for anything, including service at resorts. At least the scenery was nice as you waited.

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