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The Santa Cruz Trek

Llangustino Lakes and Huandoy Photo, Huaraz, Peru

It’s odd how each place in Peru seems to have one standout thing to see: Cusco - Macchu Pichu, Arequipa - Colca Canyon, Chiclayo - The Lord of Sipan. Well, the stand-out attraction in Huarez is the Santa Cruz trek.

For 4 days, you trek through a magical landscape of snow-capped peaks and impossibly blue lagoons.

If this initially sounds a little intimidating, don’t worry. You can hire any kit you need, get a donkey to carry most of your stuff, and let your guide cook delicious meals for you every evening.

If you do a decent amount of trekking back home, then you’re perfectly capable of doing this. Get a map in Huarez, make sure you’ve got all the kit, and off you go.

I do a little bit of trekking back home, but I’m no master. I didn’t have the equipment with me and didn’t want the hassle, so I went with the agency Monttrek. It cost $100 for a tent, guide, food, and donkeys.

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