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Bourbon Street After Dark

This is an experience not to be missed. Although it was much tamer than I expected, I’ve seen the commercials for "Girls Gone Wild" and even watched the "Real World," and I didn’t see any of that kind of stuff. Maybe all the girls lifted up their shirts after I walked past. It’s possible. I’m a girl, so I wasn’t really looking that hard, but from what I’d heard, you didn’t have to search it out. I saw no bead exchanges.

I did, however, see plenty of drunk people. A couple of times I was one of them. And how could you not be, when every bar has a 3-for-1 drink special every night. So, picture this, wherever you start on Bourbon Street, you go into a bar, order a drink, and get three. Then you go down the street to the next bar, order a drink, and get 3. For most of us, two drinks, especially when the liquor is poured 2-to-1, is enough to get you buzzed. So now you’ve had six drinks, and you come upon a bar like the Cat’s Meow (a karaoke bar). How could you possibly NOT share your singing ability (or non-ability, as the case so often is) with the rest of the world?!?!?

So, now you’ve sung your heart out and you think you’ve sweated your liquor out, but you really haven’t, and you head to the next bar for the next set of drinks, and it’s only 9pm. Now, you should understand how, by midnight, you are sitting on the curb puking all over yourself. It’s a horrible sight-and-smell experience. Lord only knows how you make it to your room. You spend all day recuperating, just to head out and do it again the next night.

I didn’t personally experience all of that, but I certainly witnessed it, and once was enough. There is so much to New Orleans in addition to, or besides, Bourbon Street that traveling down that road just once was quite enough.

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