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Train Trip Through Ireland

We learned a new appreciation of Ireland with this train trip from Killarney to Dublin. It is 4 to 5 hours one-way and allows a snapshot of all of the small towns along the way. We did the "milk run," which leaves Killarney in the small hours of the morning and stops at each station. We brought our own breakfast along of cereal and fruit, but there is a vendor cart onboard (no dining car).

We met a lot of local folks who make this trip weekly. It was a great way to listen to their stories about their lifestyle and how similar and how different it is from life in the US. We met a boy who travels 6 hours one-way (from Dingle) to Dublin for medical treatment each week. We met college students on our way back from Dublin to Killarney headed to their home for a weekend. The people are open and welcoming and want to know about us as much as we wanted to know about them.

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