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Wally's Service Station and Floyd's City Barber Shop

Wally's Service Station Photo, Mount Airy, North Carolina

Although this service station turned into a tourist shop, it wasn’t open when we were there, but we still took a picture and looked at it closely. Wally’s Service Station does kind of look like where Goober and Gomer from Mayberry worked. The station is a small building that still has the old-fashioned gas pumps. It was built in 1937. The station was first a Gulf Station, then became a Standard Oil Station. It remained a service station until the middle 1980s. The station was refurbished about 5 years ago, and since has been opened as a souvenir/tourist shop. The name of the shop is The Fruit Basket, which is known for gourmet baskets for all occasions. It also sells collectibles, clothing, souvenirs, coffees, etc.

The owners invite tourists to spend some leisure time with them. They have RC cola and moon pies available and offer their rocking chair to sit in. The Fruit Basket is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm.

After we swung by Wally’s Service Station, we went to Floyd’s Barber Shop. Again, this wasn’t open, but we took a picture of the outside of it. The man that owns it is not named Floyd, but who cares. This barber shop is known nationally for years due to Griffith’s model of it for the barber shop on "The Andy Griffith Show." Even celebrities have gone here, such as Oprah Winfrey and Lou Ferrigno.

Floyd’s Barber Shop is owned by Russell Hiatt. He has been in business for several decades. He still has the barber chair where he claims he cut Mr. Andy Griffith’s hair before he went off to college. Mr. Hiatt asserts that there are people that still ask him where Floyd is, and some still ask where Mayberry is located. He explains gingerly that Floyd was a fictional character on "The Andy Griffith Show" and there is no real town called Mayberry.

Mr. Hiatt will take your picture (and give it to you) if you agree to smile for another picture for him for his wall. Many people like to sit in the same barber chair that Griffith had his hair cut in and have their photo taken. Last I knew, Hiatt had taken 24,000, and many of these are on the wall of the shop. In addition, he sells T-shirts, but he has been known to give a few away sometimes. Some locals say he’d rather take pictures and visit with the tourists than cut hair.

If you want a haircut, I think he charges $7. Many tourists go to him to get their hair cut because he has cut Griffith’s and it is Floyd’s Barber Shop. There is no charge to tour his shop.

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