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Portuguese Princess Whale Watch

Portuguese Princess Whale Watch Tour Photo, Provincetown, Massachusetts

I have been on two whale watches while vacationing in Provincetown. My two whale-watch excursions were with the Portuguese Princess Whale Watch Company. Neither time was I was disappointed. In fact, I was elated with both tours (in October 1996 and September 2001).

This whale-watch excursion was three hours long. The tickets were moderate in price—I think we paid under $20 then (now they are $26 for adults, $22 for children 5-12, and children four and under are free with a paid adult fare). These tours run from May to October.

We boarded a boat that was very comfortable. And it was fast, modern, and well-maintained. The captain took us out six miles north of P-town, at the tip of Cape Cod. This water is called Stellwagen Bank. The whales frequent here due to the rich food supply present here (this is due to other fish feeding here). Although you can possibly view a variety of whales here, such as the humpback, Minke and the Fin whales, you will see more Humpbacks. The humpback was the whale species we saw the most of.

We witnessed many delightful sights, on this tour. One, whales were so close to the boat that they looked like they were going to flop onto it. Two, whales jumped up out of the water (they breached). Three, mother whales with their babies (calves) swimming together. Lastly, some whales were swimming in pods.

In addition to us sighting the whales, we had a narration on this tour. And naturalists on board answered any questions anyone had about the whales. Also, on this tour you can purchase beverages, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. And you can buy food too. Therefore, this excursion offers a lot to you.

I highly recommend this company for your whale watching excursion because of the aforementioned and the captain and his crew’s dedication to you in having a safe and pleasurable trip.

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