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Al Gauron Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing Trip Photo, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

We selected the Al Gauron deep-sea fishing excursion out of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, because my partner had used it before. When she went, she was satisfied with their services (such as, the boat was clean, the captain and the mates were polite and courteous, you got plenty of bait to fish with, the boat wasn’t overcrowded, and you catch many fish). And when we went, the same exact environment with them still existed. Therefore, we had a marvelous time.

Our excursion was an afternoon one. We went for a half-day from 1:30-5:30pm. Since it was the fall, we fished for bluefish. When we arrived at a fishing spot, the mates dropped the anchor. Then the mates had put chum (chopped up bait) in the water to attract the fish. After that, we baited our lines with herring. And in no time at all, the majority of the ship caught bluefish. When a fish was on your line, you had to bellow "Gaff", which means a mate had to come over to you and gig your fish and bring it up to the boat. As a result of this, your fish was taken to the ship’s ice chest to keep it cold and alive. When the excursion was over with, you could take the fish without being cleaned or pay the mates a dollar per fish to clean it (before you left the boat). We paid them to clean the fish, as most everyone did.

Catching the bluefish was a blast. They were a true fighting fish averaging between 8-20 lbs. each. We also caught small sharks on our lines too. The mate allowed us to touch the shark. One part of the shark felt like sandpaper, and another part felt like silk.

I highly recommend this company for your deep-sea fishing excursions because of the aforementioned. But it is also a family fun activity at a moderate price (for a half-day excursion, it is $30 for adults, seniors $25, children $19, and the rod fee is $5). In addition, this same company offers whale-watching tours in July and August from 1:30 to 6:30pm daily. Adults are charged $31, seniors $26, juniors $22, and children $17.

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