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Viewing the Waterfalls at Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls Photo, Bushkill, Pennsylvania

Bushkill Falls is centuries of natural beauty. It is located in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. The owners of this extraordinary attraction are the Peters family. The forefather of this attraction, Charles E. Peters, first opened this place up in 1904. Then it had a single path and a swinging bridge over the main falls.

Although it is billed has having eight falls, it really only has seven. They are the following: Upper Canyon/Laurel Glen, Bridesmaid Falls #1, Bridesmaid Falls #2, Bridal Veil Falls, Lower Gorge Falls, Bushkill Falls, and Pennell Falls. These have either the Little Bushkill Creek or Pond Run Creek as their water cascades.

The two falls (Upper Canyon /Laurel Glen), in the same location, hardly even consist of one. Both falls are 3 to 4 feet high. You will find that the Upper Canyon is upstream of Laurel Glenn, with Little Bushkill Creek squeezing by a gorge with high canyon walls. To be frank, the gorge is more interesting than the cascades, since they are so small. However, in high water, the Upper Canyon is more volatile and therefore receives more of your attention. Concerning Laurel Glenn, it is the mouth of the Upper Canyon, where the river gets a little bigger. Here, during high water, the small cascades are pretty breathtaking, but in the lower water, they are not. There is also a bridge that goes over the cascades. Overall, this area is scenic to walk through, since you can walk so close to the stream but is not very impressive.

Bushkill Falls probably has been a tourist attraction since it was founded by the pioneers in this region. It is this waterfall that is the main one in this area. As a result, the whole attraction is named after it. Why Bushkill Falls is dubbed "Niagara of Pennsylvania" is beyond me. It is not powerful, large enough, or gorgeous enough to even come close to Niagara Falls. Instead, what is here is a pretty good-sized version of a mountain waterfall that blossoms in size around spring time. But in the drier months, it possesses a few small cascades. The water here falls in two parts out of a gorge fanning out as it descends. You will see that one side of the deep pool at the bottom half and tall cliff walls as its landscape. I think this is the most enchanting fall this attraction has. In addition, it is the highest-volume waterfall here. Bushkill Falls is 100 feet high.

Bridesmaid Falls #1 is a smaller waterfall, but worth checking out. It is one of three falls on Pond Run, which has a "bridal"-name theme to it. It is in the same vicinity of the other Bridal Falls. Bridesmaid Falls #1 of the two bridesmaids is the more downstream one. It consists of ledge cascade that drapes half the height of the falls and then spreads out into several wider cascades, where it lands. During periods of medium-to-high water levels, this falls is beautiful, but in lower water times, it is not intriguing. The falls is 25 feet in height.

Bridesmaid Falls #2 is another small waterfall that is part of three falls on Pond Run. This one, like Bridesmaid #1, possesses the bridal-theme name. It is located in between the two other bridal-theme falls. However, this one is more upstream then Bridal Falls #1. It is made up of two sets of cascades, which descend down the rock face into a pool encompassed by rock walls about 20 feet high. This fall’s appearance and landscape is one of the prettier falls here. Bridesmaid Falls #2 is 20 feet high.

Bridal Veil Falls is the last small waterfalls that make up the trio of all the falls that go by the "bridal"-name theme. It is in the same area as Bridesmaid Falls 1 and 2. This falls is dubbed Bridal Veil Falls because the bottom half of the falls off a ledge in a cascade, which looks like a veil. But you don’t see this water formation all the time. This is because it only happens in higher water. In lower water times, in August and September, this cascade just becomes more of a slide down the falls’ face. Therefore, the best time to see in is before August. This falls is 30 feet in height.

Lower Gorge Falls is another falls that has been around since this area was discovered by pioneers. It doesn’t matter when you come see this falls, it is still intriguing. What makes this falls more appealing is that there is a bridge that is right above the falls. The falls here descends through a narrow gorge, which doesn’t let you view it from the front on the path, so this bridge is the only view of the falls that you are likely to get. This falls is very volatile and powerful in the springtime, when water levels are high because all the water that dumps over the wider Bushkill Falls (just above Lower Gorge Falls) has to now channel through a narrow gorge. It is 30 feet in height.

Lastly, Pennell Falls is my least favorite falls. It is pretty boring seeing it. This falls is created by several cascades in wide stair-stepping rock ledges going into a small pool of water. If you are lucky enough and see these falls at high-water times, you may see three streams of water form one wide cascade. But if you are not lucky, you will see two or three small streams of water. Pennell Falls is 10 feet in height. The only positive thing I can say about this waterfall is that it is peaceful to look at, but if you can’t hike anymore due to exhaustion, you are not missing much if you skip this waterfall.

The phone number of Bushkill Falls is 888/628-7454. The admission rates are the following: Adults are $ 9, seniors are $8, children 4 to 10 are $4, and children 3 and under are free. Group rates are available too. Then there are various prices for the other attractions at this complex. This place is open on various dates from April to November 2005.

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