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Grouse Mountain's Lumberjack Show

Grouse Mountain's Lumberjack Show Photo, Vancouver, British Columbia

Like several other attractions and activities, viewing this show is complimentary, after you purchase you entrance fee ticket (adult price is $26.95, youth is $14.95 and child is $9.95). I recommend that you take advantage of this. We had such an entertaining time watching these lumberjacks.

There was a Master of Ceremony present to host the show. Her name was Michelle. She first introduced the opposing lumberjacks. They played the characters of Johnny Wilson and Willie McGee representing two logging operations. Then she split the audience in two sections so each section cheered on their hometown lumberjack. Our section was named Green River Saw Mill, and the opposing team was called Blue Mountain.

Then Michelle described the various competitions the men were to compete in. One was called the underhand chop where the men each had to chop a log that was placed between their feet and whoever cut through it first won. The second competition was throwing a double-headed ax at a bullseye target. The third competition was the men using a saw and seeing which man could cut a slice of wood off first. The fourth competition was the men each selecting a woman from the audience to assist with a two-handed saw competition. The first team that cut off a slice of wood first won. The fifth competition was who could best carve a rabbit out of wood. And the last competition was the men competing in several log rolling contests and the man that won the most of these won that competition.

Our lumberjack, Johnny Wilson, won the majority of the competitions. Therefore, he won the overall contest. However, this show wasn’t pulled off without a few lumberjack antics and a surprise. For instance, McGee threw chips at Wilson before the double ax competition even started. And while there was practice pulls with their women partners before the two-handed saw competition was underway, Wilson put wood chips down the opposing woman’s tennis shoes. Then later before one of the competitions, Wilson pretended he had would chips in his ear. He shook his head and sawdust came out flying. Also, during the rabbit carving Wilson carved a happy face on his rabbit carving instead of being serious about his carving. In addition, Wilson pretended to carve a very small seat out of wood. He then sat his oversized butt in it. Then Wilson later said the smallest child who could sit in it could take it home for a souvenir. He asked the audience who had the youngest and smallest child in the audience. A male parent brought his cute, little 14-month-old baby down to Wilson and he sat her in the chair. Lastly, the lumberjacks were fighting over a fake smoking explosive and during the fight, McGee fell in a makeshift well. Then Wilson took the smoking dynamite and threw it in the well with McGee. Then he grinned, and said, "I am going to miss McGee, he had an explosive personality."

Then when he thought McGee was hurt or dead, he said, "Today, I really blew away the competition." But then McGee crawled out of the Well and finished the last competition of log rolling.

Just when the audience was enthused with the lumberjack show, a surprise happened that caught most of us off guard. Therefore, it left most of us on the edge of our seats. And this is exactly what I will do with you. Therefore, I am keeping you in suspense just like we were. Like us, you will be waiting for what is going to happen.

Don’t miss this show. This attraction was side-splitting and all different ages enjoyed it. I heard laughs and chuckles throughout this entire lumberjack show. Children loved it! And again this show is complimentary with your entrance fee of $26 (Canadian money).

This lumberjack show is located at Grouse Mountain. It last about 45 minutes and is seen daily at 12pm, 2:30pm and 4:30pm from May through mid-October.

Grouse Mountain is located at 6400 Nancy Green Way, North Vancouver. The directions to get to Grouse Mountain are as follows: Cross the Lions Gate Bridge. Take the North Vancouver exit to Marine Drive, then turn north (left) at the first intersection, Capilano Road. Stay on Capilano Road for 5km (3.1 miles) until the road ends at the Grouse Mountain parking lot.

By public transportation, take the SeaBus to the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. Take bus #236 to the Grouse Mountain parking lot. An alternative is to take bus #246 on West Georgia Street across the Lions Gate Bridge to Edgemont Village. From there, transfer to bus #232 that will take you to the Grouse Mountain parking lot.

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