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Granville Island

Granville Island-Public Market Photo, Vancouver, British Columbia

After our tour bus left Stanley Park, we drove to Granville Island. It was our last stop on our tour. Granville Island is a small peninsula connected to downtown Vancouver via the Granville Street Bridge. Originally, Granville Island had been used for heavy industry since 1917. It was a ship-building center during World War II. But since the 1960s this area was barely utilized and therefore became ruins. However, a couple business men had a dream for this place. They started to redevelop this location in the early 1970s. And with help from the federal government, these men turned it into a multi-use facility that possesses industry, commerce and entertainment. By the end of the '70s, most of the industrial buildings’ refurbishing was completed.

Our guide, Albion, left us off on the island for an hour. We could go anywhere we wanted to. My partner, friend and I elected to walk around. We went into some stores and made some purchases such as ice cream, beef sticks, cheese, and fudge and went down by the waterfront. In addition, we took many pictures of the Island.

What is nice about this attraction is that it has many things to see and do. For instance, you can purchase vegetables, fruit and seafood at the Public Market, eat at one of the several restaurants or cafes, go to a artist’s workshop, take the children at the Kids Market (stores aimed at them), charter a boat for fishing, see live theater at The Arts Club Theatre/New Revue Stage, etc. Also, it is located in a gorgeous place, False Creek. And if the crowds get to you, you can always walk around the seawall. This will provide you with spectacular views of the mountains and the city.

I highly recommend you visiting Granville Island. It is an attraction for all ages. Granville Island’s Public Market is a shopper’s paradise and has educational highlights concerning the art world (many artists and studios here). In addition, it is a great place for children. There are playgrounds and stores for them.

While at Granville Island, I recommend you grab an island directory so you can find where you need to go. This will assist you in finding certain shops, services and restrooms. The directory is available on the Island.

The Public Market is closed on Mondays from Thanksgiving Day to Victoria Day. But the craft shops and Kids Only Market are open every day of the week. For additional information on Granville Island, you can call the following number: 604/666-5784.

Granville Island is located underneath the south end of the Granville Street Bridge. By car, you can get to it by crossing the Burrard Street Bridge going south, and turning left around 2nd Avenue. By Ferry: Service from the Aquatic Centre, South end of Hornby Street, Stamp’s Landing, Vanier Park, Yaletown, Science World, and Plaza of Nations. By bus: Bus #50 Waterfront/False Creek, to and from Waterfront Station. For more transit information call 604-953-3333.

Landsea Tours include this attraction in their city highlights tour of Vancouver. This tour is 3½ hours long. The tour current charges are the following in American money: $48 for adults, $45 for seniors, and $30 for children. Their phone number is 800/558-4955. Their website is

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