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Most Prolific Party Crasher

If you are ever interested in schmoozing your way past the clipboard Nazis and velvet ropes keeping guard at an exclusive event, Steve "Shaggy" Kaye would make a great mentor. Despite his well-deserved reputation as persona non grata, he frequently receives bold-type mention within The New York Post's Page Six for his presence at NYC's most publicized gatherings.

One of this magician's tricks used to gain entry is presenting an official-looking business card promoting himself as Nightlife Correspondent for the aforementioned NY Post. Also, when questioned by anyone about his status as an invitee or presented with a bill (as food and drink are typically covered by event sponsors), he promptly enacts a celebrity tirade before storming off of the premises.

These days, his pseudo-socialite status has earned him a PR rep and the occasional formal invitation. Rumors of a reality show based on his party-crashing exploits are also being bantered about. Two things you will know for certain if you ever spot him in the crowd are 1) he is most likely 99% not supposed to be there and 2) you are at a pretty happening spot, so look for other celebs canoodling in a dark corner.

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