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Guanaja/Bay Islands

Guanaja Airport Photo, Honduras, Central America

We went to Guanaja, first discovered by Columbus in 1502, because it was Semana Santa and the main bay island, Roatan, was packed. We had heard good things about Guanaja from friends, so we gave it a shot. Too bad the End of the World Resort treated everyone so poorly. Otherwise, the island is beautiful and the people are very unique. They speak a type of Creole, English mixed with Spanish, and hang out at the bars like Saskatchewan farmers do. We ended up hanging out at the bar of the hotel next to ours called Island House, which had friendly locals instead of an obnoxious American running the place. Their drinks were cheaper and the view was AMAZING.

The only way around the island is buy boat, so you're pretty much stuck if you choose to go to either of these resorts, which are on the opposite island of the main town and the other resorts. However, we did get a small tour of the main town, Bonacca, on our way to the airport. It's a very interesting place - with over 10,000 residents, the city is mostly built on stilts! Almost all the houses are in the water, and walkways and boats are the only means of getting around this city. Near the city, but in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, you can see a solitary dome-shaped structure. Locals told us that it was one of the only buildings to survive Hurricane Mitch in 1998! It's definitely a sight to see.

What we've heard from other travelers is that Posada del Sol is definitely the place to stay in Guanaja. However, it is currently undergoing "financial restructuring," so at this time, it is still closed. Others stayed at Dunbar Rock, which is really an amazing structure as well. However, unless you're into scuba diving, there isn't much else to do. Finally, getting to and from Guanaja is an adventure in itself. Three major airlines, Sosa, Islena, and Atlantica, fly in and out of the island, but the planes are small, and safety? Well, we're still alive! Next time we try the Bay Islands, we're going to go to Roatan. We've heard great things about it.

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