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Flights to London from the US of Virgin Atlantic

Whenever I fly to Europe, I do my best to fly on Virgin Atlantic. They normally have the best or near-best rates whenever I go. They have a wide selection of in-flight services, including video games, movies, TV shows, news, flight info, and music. All of these are personally controlled and viewable on your own personal video monitor. The movies are newer, and they offer five to six movies at a time. It is really hard to be bored with all they offer.

During the flight, they also offer a wide selection of drinks, including liquor, wine, beer, coffee, juice, tea, and soda. As I remember, they were all free as long as you do not get drunk. The food is good as well. They usually offer three different meal options for dinner or lunch (normally meat, fish, and pasta). The servings are just enough to keep you from being hungry during the flight.

The staff are always helpful and kind. I have had some great discussions with them concerning where to go in London. They are usually very knowledgable about the places to see and things to do. Most of them are good-looking too!!

NOTE--the one time that Virgin gave me any problem, I reported it to Customer Service, and they made it right. The last thing--and this is not small--is that they offer a little bag of goodies on the plane. These included anything from a pen and paper to a toothbrush and toothpaste. It has also included a sleeping mask, earplugs, and headphones. In the case of headphones, I always bring my own. I purchased a set of noise-cancelling headphones and would never travel without them.

A normal flight runs like this:
You take off and have about 30-40 minutes of the plane gaining altitute. After that, they begin to offer drinks and dinner. By the time everything is served and the garbage taken, it is time for the movies to start. You can watch the movie or entertain yourself with the other options. When the movies end, they start the second batch of movies. By the time those are over, it is time for breakfast and tea. After breakfast, the plane starts to head down for the landing. This is a normal 7-hour flight from NYC or DC to London.

People say that it is such a long flight, but I do not agree. If you have enough to entertain yourself, the time goes by very quickly. If you ever have a question, you can always ask me, but I am sure that you will have a great flight when you go with Virgin Atlantic.

PS--I do not work for them or have anything to do with the airline. I am simply a happy customer.

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