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Dave & Buster's

I wasn't sure what to title this, so that's why it is in the "experiences" category. If you have never heard of Dave & Buster's, consider it like a Chuck E. Cheese's for adults. This playground is located on the top portion of the 3rd floor of the Providence Place Mall. Although children are allowed in, it is primarily geared for adults. As you walk in, you are greeted by someone at the door. It is STRONGLY recommended that you are 21+ but if you have someone under that age, make sure you have someone 25+ with you, so those who are underage can come in and play. Once in, you can have dinner, go to the bar, or go and play. The dinner menu is your typical American style food. Dinner prices range from $9, to about $17 or so. Dessert is always a good choice too. They come out with a tray of desserts for you to choose from. Now, on to the games! Besides video games, there are pool tables available for you. Once in the main game lobby, go to the main kiosk to get a Power Card. This is a plastic card where you get credits to play the games. There are so many video games, from skee ball, to the "Dance, Dance Revolution" game. Some of the games have tickets that you can redeem for prizes. It's your cheezy style of prizes that you'd find at Chuck E Cheese, although with enough tickets, there are more mature prizes. If you want to accrue the tickets you can, they will be stored on your Power Card to use at a later date. This is the only place I know of where adults can act like they are a kid again and not feel embarrassed.

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