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Tips to make the most of Mondi Holiday Oberstaufen

If you are going to stay at this resort, just a note; it is not easy to find if you are arriving a little late, as we were. The RCI instructions said to go toward Steibas, but if you get that far, then you've passed it. The resort is actually in a place called Malas, and when you see the Malas sign, look to your left and the resort entrance and sign is right there. We also had Mapquest directions, which helped us a lot. Another tip; if you want the best views, the smaller balconied units are the best - I believe all the two-bedroom units are ground level, and they do not have as panoramic vistas. We particularly loved to walk into Oberstaufen to eat at one of the lovely restaurants and then walk back down to our resort (to try to walk off some of the great dinners we had). The trail from the resort into town is paved with lovely benches and takes you across footbridges and is lighted at night. It's especially nice to stop and have a drink at their patio off the bar in the evening to have a flavoured coffee or bedtime 'Pils' (a universal name for a mild local brewed beer).

If you want fresh breads for breakfast, the bakery is open from 7-9am daily, but go early! We saw people coming from there even before 7am. We also found that if we had any questions about any attractions, the resort staff were very helpful, and they even confirmed our reservation with our next resort for us when we were leaving. There is also a resort tourist tax, which is charged when you check out and is 2.50 Euro/person/day and 1.25 Euro/person/day for children between the ages of 6 and 14.

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