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We went to the visitor/activity center, which is located a little walk away, and the staff was very helpful and informative. I signed up for a free tennis lesson, but the day of the lesson, we had such high winds and rain that the class was cancelled (perhaps next visit). I also went to aqua-cise in one of the two pools two days. This was great fun and a good workout. The instructor is very great. She also has yoga on the beach at 7am on alternate mornings, but I missed it. Classes were mostly great to get to know the other travelers, and I made acquaintances with several people who come there for 4 to 5 weeks each year.

We only had one problem with facilities, and it was with our toaster. We called maintenance and told them that it did not brown, and within 10 minutes, a smiling staff member brought one right over. Most mornings were hazy, and that was the time we would go to the beach, and then we went off to sightsee after noon. I met two fellows on the beach who had long fishing poles (they've been doing this for many years). One day while I was swimming, I heard a splash and looked behind me to see something large on a fishing line. I scrambled to shore and went to stand with these excited fishermen, and a large crowd gathered while they worked the fish to shore. It turned out to be quite a large sting ray, and there was some excitement and hubbub while they tried to unhook it and return it to the ocean.

My husband and I went to the Cocoa Beach Pier, which is a local hot spot for tiki bars and shops, and had some iced drinks and watched masses of people, young and old, frolicking in the waves. It is just about a 10-minute drive. You have to pay for parking, but it's worth it just to people-watch! We also walked up the Lori Wilson Park near our resort and took pics of I Dream of Jeannie Drive. Cape Canaveral is also close and worth seeing. We drove to historic Cocoa Village, about 20 minutes away. This is a whole neighborhood of quaint shops/artisans/antique dealers and restaurants, delis, and bakeries where you can park, walk, and spend at least a whole day browsing.

I must say that I love this resort. I would buy here if I could get a good week in the Oceanfront C or D buildings, but it’s not quite so impressive if you can't see the water, as with the older buildings in back. They are converted motel units, some with balconies, some without. There are some children and young families here, but if you want to relax or be with other middle-aged or retired type people, then this is a good choice for you, too.

We walked late on the beach in the evenings and went to sleep listening to the surf. One night on the beach we discovered families running about excitedly with flashlights. They were having such fun that I went to ask them what they were doing. They had a plastic pail with several crabs. Apparently the crabs are on the beach in the dark and the flashlight surprises them, so then it's easier to catch them. Such great memories for those children!

Enough raving! I'm sure I could write a book, but, in my opinion, this resort is a great value for an exchange. I will definitely try to trade for it again.

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