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Part 3 - Peterman and Pleneau Islands

Icebergs Photo,

We made two stops on the following day, Peterman Island and Pleneau Island. Both were home to large penguin colonies. The penguins were nesting and several chicks had recently hatched. The penguin rookeries stink of poop, though you get used to it after a while. They are also noisy, busy places as the birds are constantly calling and challenging each other.

Peterman Island is apparently a popluar stop for cruises like ours, though we did not see any other ships while we were there. We landed at Port Circumcision. Here there is a refuge hut for use in an emergency, and a cross in memory of three men who died in 1982 while attempting to cross the sea ice back to Faraday (now Vernadsky) Station.

On both islands, we hiked up to the top of the island to see the spectacular views. After climbing back down, we cruised the harbors to check out the icebergs, wildlife, and scenery. You'd think that after a while it would get tedious, but it doesn't. Each iceberg is unique, and they look really different depending on the light. It's really quite amazing.

The summer solstice was tonight, but I was too exhausted to stay up to see how late it was when it got "dark". We'd been up past midnight several days already, and it was still light enough on deck to read.

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