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Fitness Center in Downtown Antigua

I went after finding out that Paradise Fitness Center, downtown near the Largest Catholic church and the Museum, is open 7 Days a week. I had to pay only a mere 20.00 E.C., with their money being 2 and a half times less, it was not even $10.00. They have two floors, a spacious upstairs with state of the art treadmills, bikes, and various size weights. Downstairs is a nice mini bar, with vitamin and fruit juices, very reasonable—$2 at the most.They didn't have cards to put their telephone number on, but I have it jotted down and will add it to my journal soon! I got in a wonderful 1 hour workout. The fitness center included nautilus weight machines and dumbbells downstairs, and upstairs there were fitness balls for the ladies and the men, and whomever want to use them. They also had weighted waist sticks and machines, they have it all!

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