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Es Pujols - Formentera Island

beach at Es Pujols Photo, Ibiza, Spain

To take a break from the frantic clubbing on Ibiza, my husband and I took a couple of hour ferry rides from the Ibiza port to the island of Formentera. Upon arrival in the harbour town of La Savina, we caught a local bus to the seaside town of Es Pujols. With no reservations or information on this town, we just walked though town knocking on hotel and bed-and-breakfast doors. We found a place really quickly, but bear in mind that this was low season, so I wouldn't suggest doing this in the middle of August!!

Es Pujols is beautiful, with the prettiest white-sand beach and clear, clean waters. It’s definitely laid-back, with the main entertainment in evenings being the bars and beer gardens. The majority of people staying here are German and Scandinavian with no "Brits abroad" in sight (well, just me!!!) It was a totally different pace from Ibiza that provided a much-needed rest. Well, I shouldn't say rest, because each day, we rented a push bike and went sightseeing through the surrounding towns. I highly suggest this. There are buses, but the island is flat and easy to do on bikes.

One of the nicest places we visited was the beach area of Playa de ses Illetes. We biked there very easily and hiked along the beach and rocks. The beach goes on for miles in a peninsula, so you have the ocean on both sides of you. Sometimes that gap is wide, so you have to choose a side; sometimes it’s so narrow that the strip of land you are on has water lapping both sides of you. At one point, we even had to wade through water. It is so pretty there. It has pure white sand and a definite Caribbean feel to it. All along this hike were rock and driftwood formations that people had made to leave their mark. Some were just small, but some were amazing constructions that must have taken hours to construct and were not just of rocks and wood, but items that had been washed up, like nets, buckets, sticks, and cans. One resembled a small house complete with seats, a door, and camel (made of rocks). I kid you not!!??

Es Pujols is quiet but by no means boring. There are plenty of smaller bars, shops, and beach bars to keep you occupied night and day. Just relax, unwind, and enjoy the slower pace. You could do this easily as a day trip from Ibiza town, but I would suggest, if you have time, staying at least 1 night.

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