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I highly recommend two tours. The first is the Havana Special. This trip takes you to Havana, where they take you to some of the main historical sites and tell you about some the history of Cuba. We were given a chance to get out and see the city for ourselves, go shopping, relax, and eat or have something to drink. Later we were taken to a hotel where we could freshen up and have some dinner before we went to the Tropicana Club. The club is outdoors, so if you take this trip, dress comfortably in light, airy clothes, and ladies, put your hair up! We thought we were going to an indoor facility with air-conditioning, and it was very uncomfortable for most of us.

The second is a catamaran to Cayo Blanco. This catamaran takes you out to a shallow reef in the ocean and you go snorkeling, or you may wish to remain on the boat and just relax. The snorkeling was not great on this particular trip. After snorkeling, we had a snack of lobster, which was $10 each. The lobster was fabulous, and we snacked on this as we cruised to the island of Cayo Blanco. While there, we were free to relax, swim, drink, shop, and later, have lunch of more lobster, shrimp, and chicken. Then it was back on the catamaran to return to the dock.

This last tour leads to something of great upset. The catamaran tour included a bonus of a dolphin show, which I am not really comfortable with, but I went along, as I had no choice. It was a short show, but it lead to my friends wanting to do the dolphin swim. They insisted that I go with them. When the time came, we just couldn't do it. The water the dolphins are trapped in looked and smelled like a toilet. We decided we could not get in that water, and our eyes began to open even wider to see what was really happening to these magnificent creatures. They were living in very small holding pens, and we became very sad and totally enraged at this. This is where I plead with you to not participate in this activity. I believe that for your own health and safety, you should avoid the swim with the dolphins, and for their safety too, please avoid the show as well. Only by decreasing the demand can we help them to be released from this hell. I have already written a letter to one animal rights’ group, and I intend to continue to write about this horror!

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