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Hot Air Balloon Ride

inflated balloons Photo, Kissimmee, Florida

Even though my wife is somewhat afraid of heights, she agreed to go on a hot air balloon ride during our trip. I arranged a flight with a company called Blue Water Balloons via the Internet. The flight cost $175/person (research shows that this is the average cost for a balloon ride). This price was discounted $20 each person if you purchased tickets in advance on the Internet. With the possibility of a cancelled flight, we kept options open for a flight on a different day.

We contacted the company when we arrived in Kissimmee and found that the flight was cancelled due to high winds, and was rescheduled for the next day. We met the van at the arranged location (near Old Town) at 5:45am. We were taken to the take-off site. We found that there were a total of 14 people flying in five balloons that morning. We helped to get the balloon rigged and inflated with air. Once the pilot had us in the air, the scenery seemed to move in slow motion around us. There was no feeling of movement at all. My wife and I agreed that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences we have had on a vacation. The balloon traveled 5 miles about 40 minutes and rose to a height of 1,400 feet at times.

At the end, after landing, a champagne picnic was set up, and we were given souvenir glasses, a photo of our ride, and a certificate indicating the date and time of our flight and driven back to car. We would do it again in a minute.

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