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Shoppin' it up Boston-style

If you love shopping, Boston is the city for you. There are many distinctive areas where your credit cards won't get tired. Plus, this is a sales-tax free city with individual items less than $100.

One of my favorite areas was Newbury Street. Although this can be viewed as the equivalent of NYC's 5th street and Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive, there is a mixture of selection to purchase items. Newbury is down the street from Copley Place and Prudential Center. Some stores, such as Urban Outfitters, Aldo, Jasmine Sola and Burberry are just a few places of where to spend your money. A local favorite is Jasmine Sola that has various locations within the Boston-Cambridge area.

Jasmine Sola is directed toward young adults (college age to professionals) with favorites such as Seven, Juicy Couture, etc. I was there with many 20-somethings where there was a large selection of "cute" clothes. The well known chains (Burberry and Urban Outfitters) were also happenin' stops along the way. This shopping haven is best seen on foot and there are many restaurants along the way.

The Copley Place and Prudential Center are two shopping centers that are connected to one another. The Copley houses stores such as, Neiman Marcus and J.Crew where Prudential has its own individual stores. These two locations are great because the Westin and Marriott hotels are connected to the mall. Just in case you are not up to challenge of taking a stroll at night, walking around the mall is great.

Last but not least is the shopping area around Harvard University. They have stores that are more attractive to the younger crowd. Stores, such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Harvard novelty stores, are great to visit and purchase some gifts. I loved the vibe of this area because of the young crowd's energy.

Hopefully, this will give you some insight about Boston's retail center. Although there are many different places to spend your money, these were three of my favorites.

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