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La Quebrada Cliff Divers

The La Quebrada cliff divers are the main attraction in Acapulco. These divers are world-famous and are definitely a "must-see" attraction. The diving shows run throughout the day; however, the last show at night is enhanced with the addition of torches.

We were somehow able to get in for a New Year's multi-course dinner at the famous Mirador area, and it was reasonable and an interesting way to spend New Year's Eve.

As we ate, there was music, entertainment, and the climax of the night were the cliff divers who start out diving in all kinds of formations, but it is quite the sight to see them with the torches for sure!

The divers came by and took photos with us and even told us how they get bruised and beaten up now and then from all that diving, but still it is worth seeing this event!

Dinner was good there, basically surf and turf, as well other local dishes like a seafood soup, salad, etc.

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