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The Racetrack, Death Valley.

moving rock Photo, Death Valley, California

If you ever see a photo of this place, you will want to visit it!

The Racetrack is a 2.5-mile-long, dried-up lake. The flat is shaped like an oval and as flat as a paved football field.
On the flat you can find several "moving rocks" leaving tracks in the mud. Not one track is the same, some are straight, other curvy. Sometimes it looks like a rock has gone back and forth. Nobody has found an explanation for this phenomenon. Several theories can be found on the net, though.
The best time to visit the racetrack is late afternoon; at that time, the sun will cast long shadows behind the rocks, and the tracks are beautifully lit.

This sight doesn't come easy, though! After the paved road to Uebeheber Crater (be sure to stop there!), you'll need a high-clearance 4WD, since the road is very rocky. The trip will take about two hours, one-way.
Check at the Furnace Creek Ranger Station for road conditions.

Bring an old tea kettle! Halfway to the racetrack, you'll find a place called Teakettle Junction. A very funny roadsign on a junction, which is decorated with old tea kettles.

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