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Waffles in Belgium

Waffles. For anyone who has ever been to Brussels, that word will evoke memories of the perfect snack. Of warm, melt-in-your-mouth, sweet treats. You are unable to walk anywhere in Brussels without being confronted with the smell, from the metro stops to street corners, to the sights around town you will be bombarded with waffles. There is a reason for this the waffles are wonderful! There have been nights that I have dreamt about waffles since being home.

My advice is to try out several of the waffle places. If you are on vacation, you will only be able to have them for as long as you are in Belgium, embrace them! Belgian waffles are nothing like the ones that America has coined "Belgian waffles". In Brussels, the waffles are made out of thicker dough and therefore are chewier. They are unusually sweet and are slightly crunchy on the inside but amazingly delicate in the inside. In other words, they taste as good as they smell! Words of advice, though: don’t buy a waffle from anywhere where you don’t see them making the waffles. This may mean that they simply bought the waffles pre-made and heated them up. And while these packaged waffles are good to take home to families and friends, they do not compare to the real thing.

I would also suggest combining two of Brussels' most notorious treats, waffles and chocolate! There are several stands around town that place copious amounts of liquid chocolate on the waffles, making them a decadent, calorie-ridden treat. My advice is to get a lot of extra napkins for this one--it will end up everywhere.

In addition, there are several restaurants that will serve you waffles as a dessert. These are the high-class brother to the ones you find on the street. They usually involve chocolate, ice cream, fruit, or some combination of all three. I would suggest a strawberry and ice cream one in a restaurant. The strawberries are a very nice compliment to waffles, and who doesn’t love ice cream?

Don’t get confused if you smell the amazing smell but then see Gauffres written on the stand. This is just the Flemish word for waffles, and you will find the same delectable treat inside. You must indulge in waffles while in Brussels; they are light, airy, sweet, and wonderful.

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