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Gay Bars in Mexico City

Mexico City has a very lively gay scene, with dozens of bars and nightclubs to choose from. El Taller is one of the grittier options available in the city. It plays house and trance music and caters to a broad age group, from 20- to 40-year-olds. For a younger crowd, there's El Celo 2000 (5514-4766) on Londres in the Zona Rosa, one of the most popular and famous gay bars in Mexico City. The crowd is young - in their early 20s - and the music is quite varied.

Set in a glorious building from the Profirio Diaz era in the Roma, Living is a hedonistic gay night that has become a by-word for all-night partying in Mexico City. Sticklers for the quality of house music, the club also attracts a fairly large straight crowd, partly due to the numerous female models who frequent the place on account of the excellent music and the hassle-free atmosphere. Despite two floors and a huge covered courtyard, Living gets totally full over the weekend, so if you suffer the merest hint of claustrophobia, stay away.

Orizaba 164, Roma. Tel: 5584 7468 or 5584-7403

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