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Gambling at Niagara Falls

The casino Photo, Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Casino at Niagara Falls is fairly new. It is a huge tower you can see from all over the city. It's almost right next door to the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel. The casino is very elegant. There are a lot of places to eat at the food court, which is located by the entrance. You only have to be 19 to get in, but the bouncers are pretty strict about checking IDs. They almost wouldn't let my 22-year-old boyfriend in at first because his license had a few scratches on it.

Anyway, the selection of table games is pretty slim at this casino. If you like craps, there are tons of craps tables, but I didn't see very many blackjack, poker, or roulette tables. There were a lot of slot machines, but all I played was video poker because I was not very into slots at that time. My boyfriend won a lot of money playing craps. He actually learned how to play the game at this casino. I actually got pretty bored while he was playing and took out a book to read! It was pretty disappointing when he had his winnings converted to cash, though, because of the exchange rate. All in all, this casino is pretty dead. If you want to gamble, the casino on the New York side looked more interesting.

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