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My Own Two Cents

Negril is absolutely beautiful. The Jamaican people are very friendly and will do what they can to ensure a pleasurable stay. Jamaica is bursting with culture, which is evident everyplace—in food, music, language, and art.

There's something in Jamaica for everyone, but this is not the place if you are looking for seclusion. There's lots of nightlife, entertainment, music, and fun. There are also many physical activities available: day trips, snorkeling, jet skiing, hiking, parasailing, and windsailing. The food is also excellent. People with special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarians or vegans) will have to venture outside of Negril to find food. Many chefs here cook with lard and have a propensity to flavor most food with butter.

The Jamaican economy is heavily dependent on tourism, and people will try to sell you almost anything. The upside of this is that your money, especially dollars and euros, will go very far.

Negril is good for singles and couples. Single women and men won't have any difficulty meeting members of the opposite sex to entertain them. The scenery is quite romantic, so it’s also a lovely retreat for those who want to spend quality time alone.

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