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Watersports is where it's at!!!

Wakebaording is Such a High Photo, Kimberling City, Missouri

Coming to Table Rock Lake, you better be ready to have some fun on the lake, because that's where it’s at, from waterskiing to wakeboarding to barefoot skiing to knee boarding to tubing to water trampolines to my personal favorite, wake surfing! Yes, ladies and gents, whoever says you have to have any ocean to surf is full of poo! Now, as long as you have an inboard boat, a bunch of friends, and a wake surfboard, you can rip up the waves! Just load a bunch of your friends on one side of the boat and hop in water with your board. Holding onto a short rope where the handle is only about 4 to 5 feet from the boat, the boat takes off slowly and holds out at about 9mph as you come up, and because all your friends are on one side of the boat, you've got a nice wave building on one side, so you find the rip curl where the wave pushes you and throw the handle back in the boat, and ba-da-bing! You’re surfing!

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