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Foods You'll Find in Guatemala

Ceviche- raw seafood marinated in lime juice that essentially "cooks" the fish. It is mixed with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro and served cold with crackers and a variety of condiment sauces.
Chile Relleno-Guatemalan chile rellenos are actually stuffed bell peppers. Much different than the Mexican version.
Chocobanana- simple, delicious and everywhere. A frozen banana dipped in chocolate. Mmm!
Frijoles are in my opinion best when served mashed up in a big dollop on your plate. These are called frijoles colados and are usually dark beans mashed with overcooked onion and tomato until all the flavors meld together into utter goodness.
Tamales- I have to mention these although they were the best at my host mother's house in Antigua. She cooked them every Saturday, something she said that all Antiguans do, with potato or corn masa and various bits of meat and veggies all wrapped in banana leaves and steamed all day. I cannot tell you how good they tasted, and I have yet to find any better anywhere!
Tortillas- These are different than the ones you buy packaged at the supermarket because they are thicker and smaller. They are usually made with corn. They are best if they're fresh, handmade, and still warm. Tortillas are properly eaten rolled up in the left hand as one eats with his right.

Gallo- There may be more advertising for this, Guatemala's national beer, than Coke or Pepsi. I don't drink much, and it isn't the best beer on the planet, but a trip to Guatemala isn't complete without a bottle of Gallo.Jugo de Jamaica- I've never discovered what this juice actually is, but I love it. The color is a deep red, and it tastes like a light pomegranate juice.
Licuados- My favorite! Fresh fruit is blended with a base of milk, water, yogurt, or orange juice. You choose the base and the fruit--just ask what is available. I adore a simple banano and milk licuado.
Moza- The darkest beer available in Guatemala, and it’s tasty!

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