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Rob's Kitchen

Rob's Kitchen Photo, Livingston Manor, New York

Being out in the wilderness for my first overnight camping trip was an experience. Luckily for me, I went with people who were more experienced than I and knew what to expect. Or so I thought.

One of the nicest things was that my good friend Michele's husband, Rob, was designated as the cook for that weekend. Michele and I were in charge of getting the food supplies the days before we left, and unfortunately, we did not have a very varied menu. As there was no electrical or water hookup at the sites, Rob and Michele had the foresight to bring a gas-powered stove, which became our main prep station. With only two burners and a couple of fry pans, Rob was tested on his ability to provide our group with edible entrées. He passed with flying colors.

As the weekend progressed, we noticed that our menus seemed very much alike: bacon, sausage, and eggs for breakfast and hot dogs and hamburgers or steak for lunch and dinner. No vegetables, no potatoes. There was nothing very nutritional, but it was full of cholesterol and fat. Michele and I understandably wondered why we had only thought of protein. I guess that we were just set on grilling and never thought of anything else.

On our trip to town (see attached journal), we did pick up watermelon, potato salad, and some other side dishes to break up the artery-clogging feast that Rob was able to put together with the limited ingredients we provided for him. He did a great job though, as everything was cooked perfectly and seasoned nicely. Michele did think to bring some cereal for little Heather, and dessert was, of course, s'mores created over the fire in the pit provided by the campsite.

I would highly recommend that your entire group review the food list, as well as the general-supplies list, before embarking on your own adventure into the woods. As we were not that close to town where the restaurants are, we learned from our lesson. After this weekend, we were all off meat for about a week. This just may have been a vegetarian’s nightmare. Leaving only two people in charge of food stuffs you would have thought would have been sufficient. Great minds think alike.

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