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Antiques, Souvenirs and NASCAR

Antiques, Souvenirs and NASCAR Photo, Watkins Glen, New York

Antiques/Souvenirs/NASCAR Collectibles
North Franklin Street
Watkins Glen, NY 14891

After our lovely hike through the Glen we noticed a row of stores located at the base of the hill that takes you to the campground. The only signs we could see were "Antiques" on the first building, "Souvenirs" on the second and "NASCAR" on the third. Heather, Rob and I decided to take a few moments and see what they had in store for the local tourists while Michele took Lil' Rob around town in the van for a quick nap before lunch. Rob wanted to see the NASCAR memorabilia and I wanted to check out the antiques.

The buildings were easy to get to from the Glen, just cross the street at the light. Parking is on the street in front of the buildings or park in the lot at the bottom of the Glen. As we walked up to the building two Indian mannequins, one male and one female, were sitting on a bench in front of the souvenir building where the main entrance was located. There must have been a motion sensor located somewhere because when we walked in front of the Indians the male started announcing what I believe were daily specials and waving at us.

As you enter the building, you are welcomed warmly by the people behind the counter in the center of the room. To the left, there were antiques in a room all their own and on the right was another room dedicated all to NASCAR. Walking around the souvenirs there were your general items for sale such as wind chimes, key chains, postcards, clothing, statues and miscellaneous other goodies all proclaiming their origination as Watkins Glen. Here there was even a machine that would take your quarter and flatten it with an imprint stating it was from Watkins Glen.

Entering the NASCAR portion of the building is a little overwhelming; there are cars, buttons, mugs, banners and life-size cutouts from floor to ceiling. Any diehard (no pun intended) NASCAR fan wouldn't be able to pass up a chance to visit this area. Heavily influenced by the Watkins Glen International Raceway just a few miles away you could find almost anything your heart desired if it pertains to NASCAR. I admit I did buy a hatpin for my #24 cap I had at home for only $3 USD.

Next I visited the antiques section, which was my favorite. I enjoy just walking amongst all the clutter of furniture, signs, glassware and assorted other goodies hoping something interesting would pop out. Unfortunately, nothing did this trip. I was hoping to find little marble inlay boxes, which I collect. None magically appeared, but there were plenty of cast-iron pieces, such as pots and pans, which actually would be handy when camping.

So after spending about a half hour doing our requisite souvenir hunting, we went outside and met up with Michele and the baby to go to and find a place that would fill our bellies after all our walking around.

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