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Whatever you go to Sedona for—shopping, hiking, sightseeing, etc—you'll find it hospitable and pretty. I was lucky that I met some locals who showed me around FOR FREE, and I considered myself especially privileged. Some locals of Sedona are somewhat wacky, but all are very interesting to talk to. Just even listening to conversations at the coffee houses is an experience in itself.

I was annoyed with the crowds and especially with the rude mountain bikers in Cathedral Rock State Park. It was hard for me to find a place to relax. Downtown Sedona had big, smelly tourist buses, and there were traffic jams every day, also around Tlaquepaque Village. But I found my own little peace and quiet that one day in the little ruin in Boynton Canyon. The weather was great that day, and the trail had snow, but up there in that ruin, it was at least 80 degrees F, because the sun shone in it with full force. I had almost an hour to myself up there, playing my flutes, which echoed across the canyon. As for the spiritual or energy parts of Sedona, I didn't feel anything, but then again, I was there only a short time, and it's different for different people. Still, I would definitely return to Sedona someday, but probably during a non-holiday season and not on a weekend.

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