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Loeb is a Swiss department scale that is more affordable than Globus. The Loeb in Bern is just outside the last underground exit from the Bahnhof (last exit on your left walking away from the train platforms and Meeting Point). Loebecke(the corner of Loeb), right outside the steps into the Bahnhof, is a popular meeting point, so it tends to be a bit crowded.

The windows along Spitalgasse (the main street) always host some kind of seasonal spectacular display. Every Easter there are LIVE bunnies - mother plus babies - and it's adorable!

On the main level there is a nice selection of Swiss chocolates in touristy packaging. Downstairs there are free toilets, and on the VERY bottom level (down two flights) is an Internet café among the books. The book store also has lots of maps and books on Switzerland tourism and some books in English.

There are also Swiss T-shirts and things on the main level to the right of the escalators you would get on to go up or down.

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