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Pioneer Courthouse Square and a Honkin’ Huge Burrito

The Pioneer Courthouse Square (SW Broadway and Yamhill) occupies 40,000 square feet and encompasses a whole lot of history. This is the single most visited site in the city of Portland. You will find a healthy mix of tourists and locals spending the afternoon here. Portland’s first real schoolhouse, the Portland Hotel, and the historic Pioneer Courthouse are all located here. The square features a waterfall fountain, amphitheater seating, and a lot of young people hanging out. Skateboarders also love the square. Powell’s Bookstore has its Travel Bookstore here. This is a great place for independent travelers to shop.

Many events take place here, including the Festival of Flowers (annually in early June) and an event featuring the Budweiser horses (late summer). Most weekends in the summer, something will be going on here. The square is very accessible, with a Max stop along its border.

While you are here, make a stop at Honkin’ Huge Burritos. This is a vendor-style stand at the corner of the square. For under $5, you will get the biggest burrito you have ever had in your life custom made right in front of you. This will be enough for two or three people to share for lunch, or enough for two or three meals. The burrito is very good. One of my husband’s friends basically lived off these burritos for a summer. You will encounter a large homeless population in the square. Read my other entry for some information on Portland's homeless population.

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