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Introduction to B’burg Nightlife

Introduction to B’burg Nightlife: Virginia Tech makes Blacksburg, Virginia, its home. I am a VT alumnus and will always be a Hokie at heart. Nestled in the far southwest corner of the state of Virginia, the location may seem remote to those not familiar with the area. But for us Hokies, we know the area to be a lively and exciting college town. With an undergrad student population of around 30,000, there is no shortage of nightlife here.

Virginia Tech is a unique place. You may think a college town with so many students might be impersonal, but this is far from the truth. All Hokies are like one big family. This makes the downtown scene all the more fun. The bars in Blacksburg are all concentrated along Main Street within easy walking distance of each other. This makes for a very full night on the town. On Fridays and Saturdays, the streets will be swarming with college students moving from bar to bar. The weekend often extends to Thursday, especially in nicer weather. Things get going on the later side, 10pm or so, and keep on going till around 2am.

For a wild night of all the best of downtown B’burg, attempt the Blacksburg Crawl. You won’t have to worry about transportation home - the super convenient BT bus system will get you back without a hitch. The BT transports college students for free and everyone else for under $1. Think of a crowded bus full of drunk college students all falling and fumbling over one another, but getting home safely. The BT is very popular and has become a party in itself. Some of our funniest drunken moments in college were on the BT believe it or not.

The nightlife in Blacksburg will not leave you disappointed. Friends and visitors who come to the area never want to leave. You will definitely want to include the Blacksburg area on an upcoming vacation. See my other entries for information on the outdoors, other activities, restaurants, etc., in Blacksburg.

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