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Once known as Wildlife on Easy Street, this place is a sure eye-opener for those of you who may have had the thought cross your mind of getting a large cat. It has the world's largest and most diverse collection of rare and exotic cats. In 1995, Big Cat Rescue became a non profit organization. In their first year, they raised $17,000 to offset the $180,000 annual cost of caring for all of the exotic cats. As of 2003, the sanctuary houses over 200 animals and requires more than $1,100 per day to keep the animals fed and sheltered.

They do their best to take care of the cats through fundraising and marketing. They even orchestrated their first black-tie fundraiser called The Fur Ball and raised ten times more than what they typically did in a fundraiser, netting $22,000. All money raised go directly to the care of the cats and keeping the sanctuary running. Specials have been done on this place by the following:

Jack Hannah Show
Animal Planet
Dateline NBC
Cat Fancy
People Magazine
Discovery Channel
Today Show
Sports Illustrated

If anyone gets the chance to visit or even stay a night, it will really change how you think about things. I had the pleasure to spend a night in one of their cabins next to a lion that had severe medical problems in 2001 due to being mistreated, and it was the most eye-opening experience ever to see what this poor animal had to go through, as well as to see the round-the-clock watch to make sure she was okay. If anyone has the extra money, you can also adopt a cat and help with the care of a cat. Please see their website at

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